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Help your clients effectively communicate the benefits of your company’s medical device through pick-and-pack, marketing kit fulfillment.

Success isn’t an accident.

It’s not enough to hope your clients can convey the value of your device to their patients.

The most successful medical device companies make sure their clients are equipped to effectively promote the benefits of their products within their practices. They understand their customers’ success is directly related to their own.

Marketing kits provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring the value of your device is understood by its potential beneficiaries—your clients’ patients. Your box is the toolkit your customers need to maximize the use of your products.

We make marketing kits easy. We can create, print, source and inventory every piece of your collateral. With our simple online ordering system and pick-and-pack service, we’ll make the fulfillment of your kits a breeze. Just login and tell us where you want them to go. We take care of the rest.


Why outsource your marketing kit? 

So, you're not sure outsourcing your kit makes sense for your company.

It's understandable that you may have questions about the benefits of outsourcing your kit.  Or maybe your a start-up company still working on getting FDA approval and you're not quite ready to implement a marketing resource distribution system yet.  Whatever your current situation, take a moment to download our free report that will help you understand the value in outsourcing your marketing kit.  

Plus, download your free report now and we'll include a free "Questions & Answers Sheet" that answers many of the most common questions people have about the process and systems for marketing kit fulfillment.

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