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Protect your patrons with Disposable Menus!

The world has changed dramatically in 2020. So must we to protect our customers, employees and our businesses.

Why Disposable Menus?

With the 2020 changes in the world that came from Covid-19, restaurants are moving to disposable menus to help protect their customers and business.  Whether you have a fast food shop or a more formal sit-down establishment, low-price, paper menus provide a great way to minimize the risk that germs will be spread from one customer to the next.

Maybe the most important aspect of disposable menus is the peace-of-mind your patrons will have when they see you are using these one-time menus. This conveys you are mindful and that you care about their well-being. It demonstrates you are taking every precaution to protect them.

Here are just a few of the restaurants that will benefit from the use of disposable menus: 

  • Pubs
  • Pizza and Sub Shops 
  • Family Restaurants
  • Indian Establishments
  • Chinese and Japanese
  • Burger Places
  • Bars & Lounges
  • Hotel Restaurants
  • Fine Dining Establishments
  • Mexican Restaurants
  • Italian Eatery

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